Procrastination and goals....

Yet again, I have managed to go about a month in between posts - sorry about that!

How did I do with my goals this month? Not spectacular, but progress has been made nonetheless!

  1. Wicked. Short story - it's not done, nor will it be until fall. Slightly longer story - I finished the body, and despite trying it on as I went, it's tight. The not-as-stretchy-as-it-should-be bind off definitely doesn't help matters, but it is what it is. I don't see this as a bad thing though! You see, I've lost nearly 5lbs this month, with much more planned to come off during the summer. So, come fall, I should have a well fitting sweater, I'll knit the arms (short sleeved), and it'll take approx. a day to finish. However, if that is not the case, I will rip back the ribbing, throw in a few more increases, knit the sleeves, and it shall fit. Either way, it works. Not like this is exactly the time of year for a wool sweater anyways!
  2. Dad's socks. Well, after 2 weekends of cancelled LYS trips, I finally bit the bullet and went on my own. This time, I decided to try a new store, just to see what their selection and staff were like, and it was a so-so experience. I got a good price (2 pairs worth of yarn for mens' sz 11 socks for just under $30 after taxes), but the atmosphere was kinda "blah". Anyways, I ended up starting these socks 2 weeks later than I would have liked to, so, they aren't done. However, I do have 2 sock legs, and have started the heel on one.
  3. 2-3 Washcloths - I managed to knit one washcloth, and one soap sock. Wow, look who actually attained one of her goals...
  4. Dublin Bay Socks - Nope
  5. Finish Black Fetchings - Yep - one of the kids has taken off with one though, and I've yet to find it!
  6. Foliage - No, I still don't have the proper needles for it, and I don't think I'll be getting them in May either - too much other stuff going on!
So, that concludes the April update - Now on to May!

  1. SockWars III!!!! Hopefully finish one pair!
  2. Finish Dad's socks before SockWars starts (9 days should be more than enough time - as long as I don't start procrastinating again!)
  3. Acquire yarn for Evangeline (Putting a "?" on this for now)
  4. 2-3 washcloths/soap socks
  5. Start a pair of socks for myself!
That's all for now!