I'm Alive!

Eep! it's been 2 months since my last post - sorry about that! My mind has been so scattered with trying to prepare for the holiday season that I haven't been able to put all of my thoughts together. I still have 2 projects (in their entirety) left to knit, so my mind is still scattered, but I'll try to get a photo-filled post up in the next few days so you can see what I've been up to! Hope you've all been well!

Falling for Brown

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. Why?

Take this for example:

(Taken from my balcony yesterday. Yes, those are cows - I live close to a farm.)

Then combine that with the cool weather, and you have one very happy me. I really do love this time of year!

That being said, since the cooler weather hit, I seem to have been drawn to the colour brown - it's showing up in just about every project that I've knit this month!

Just take a look and you'll see:
Mr.S' Hat

DH's Hat (I know, I need a better photo!)

Miss J's Hat

My fingerless Mitts

And, last but not least, brown even found it's way into Miss J's sweater

Ok, so that's not a photo of the full sweater, and while it's not completely done yet (just the button bands to go!), I need to get a better photo of it before I post one here! That is, however, the swatch for the yoke colour work. It might not be very feminine, but I know Miss J will love it (DH thinks so too).

Wanna hear something crazy? I'm almost done my Christmas knitting! For the stuff that I really wanted to get done, all I have left is Mr.S' sweater, socks for my Dad, and fingerless mitts for my BFF! I was also going to knit the kids each a toy, but I think I'm going to save those for their birthdays instead!

I especialy think that being almost done is especially great, because now I'm starting to feel the urge to knit stockings and ornaments, so I won't end up getting sidetracked by those things and ending up in a rush!

August FO's and other such things...

This "no real set goals" thing really seems to have worked this month!

What have I knit?

  • Matching socks for Miss J & Mr.S (2 pairs total)
  • Creamsicle socks
  • Finshed up the Bleue et Noir socks
  • "Autumn is Coming" anklet-ish socks
  • Evangeline
  • the teal Barbie dress
  • Finished one sock of my Whitewater Monkeys
And, I'll likely have another pair of socks done by Sunday. Oh - the coolest part of the pair I'm almost done? They're pair #12 for this year (and pair #7 of the 52 pair plunge II)! I will have actually finished one of my resolutions (to knit 12 pairs of socks this year)! I'm so excited about this - especially because it was starting to look like I might not make it for awhile! And here I am with plenty of time to spare!

I also came *thisclose* to finishing Mr.S' hat - in fact, I did finish it - but then discovered that I need to add 1-2" in length to it! I'll get back to that as soon as I finish the sock I'm on as there's no huge rush for it yet (need the socks for the chilly evenings/mornings, where the hat can't really be used yet).

Ok, so now it's time to move on to September...

I know that I didn't really set any *real* goals for August, and that really seemed to work well, but I feel that I need to get back to goals for September. Why? Have you looked at the calendar lately?! It's (almost) September, and I still have gift-knits that still need to be tended to!!!

So, for September, I'd ideally like to knit:
  1. Finish Miss J's sweater (I've started it, but I want to write a separate post about it)
  2. Finish my Whitewater Monkeys
  3. Finish Mr.S' hat
  4. DH's hat
  5. Miss J's hat
  6. My hat
  7. The second pair of Evangeline mitts
  8. Re-start Dad's socks
Doesn't seem too bad - now if only I can keep focused!


Apparently, it's not for me this month. Seriously. I've been ridiculously productive with my knitting so far this month.

In no particular order:

Barbie Dress #1 (of 3)

Big Sister & Little Brother Patina Socks

Bleue & Noir


Isn't that crazy? I don't know what's gotten into me, but my knitting speed has picked up drastically! Those 2 pairs of socks? 4 days total to knit *both* pairs! I'm amazed, and I have to credit Magic Loop and Knit Picks circulars - they seem to have cut my knitting time drastically (for producing FOs that is).Oh, and it's not pictured, but I also finished sock 1 of the Creamsicle socks.

The best part of this knitting productivity? All of the above pictured projects (with the exception of Bleue & Noir) are Christmas gifts! Yay!

Out The Window... and Christmas Crafting!

It's not the end of the month, but I can tell you that this month's goals are out the window!

Sure I finished Mr.S' socks, started a pair of socks for myself, and I did knit one sock of Miss J's pair - but that's about all that I'm likely to get done off that list.

The Jaywalkers, Leyburns, and Creamsicles are all on hold - the reason? I snapped back into reality and took a good look at what I intend to have done for Christmas gifts this year. It's a lot, and I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be at this point in the game - especially seeing as I want to be done by the end of November so I'm not stressing in December!

What I have done:

  • 4 washcloths (plus 3 others that ended up going of to other uses, so no longer count towards that total :/)
  • A pair of Fetchings

What's left to be done:
  • 3 (possibly 4) pairs of socks (knit)
  • 2 kid-sized, and one Cabbage Patch sized sweater(s) (knit)
  • 2 pairs of cabled fingerless mitts (knit)
  • A few Barbie Dresses (knit)
  • 4 hats (knit)
  • 2 tote bags (sewn)
  • 3 crayon rolls (sewn)
  • 3 “I Spy” bags (sewn)
  • At least one batch of melt pour soap (quick & easy!)
  • 2 quilts (sewn)
  • A robot toy (knit), and possibly one other knit toy (also knit)
  • 2 more washcloths
Oh, and we also have friends who are expecting their first baby in December, so I'd like to be able to knit something for them as well!

Oh, and those 4 hats? They aren't really gifts - just things to keep the 4 of our heads warm in the cold weather... But they'll definitely need to be done by November 30th!!

I have broken down the projects, sorting them into months - and it looks like it should be manageable. I hope I can manage it anyways!

Anyways, by the end of August, I hope to have completed:
  1. Dad's socks (Hareton)
  2. The 2 pair of fingerless mitts (Evangeline and Fetching)
  3. One of the 2 quilts (Miss J's)
  4. One or two knit Barbie dresses
And by the end of September:
  1. Miss J's sweater
  2. 3 of the 4 hats
  3. 2 washcloths
  4. Miss J's socks
  1. "I spy" bags
  2. Totes
  3. Crayon Rolls
  4. The remaining hat
  5. Mr.S' socks
  6. Mr.S' Quilt
And hopefully, for November:
  1. Soap
  2. Mr.S' sweater
  3. Knit robot & the other knit toy (if there's time)
  4. Cabbie sweater (this one may end up getting the Ax, depending on how everything else goes)
The sewing (except for Mr.S' quilt) and soapmaking, thankfully, won't take too much time, so I should have no problems getting those projects done - it's the knitting that has me slightly worried. Most of what I'm knitting this year is for the kids, so it'll be "stealth knitting", and most of it will have to be done when their in bed (especially Miss J's as she always asks me what I'm knitting, and if its for her!) - I think that's what's got me the most "concerned" (for lack of a better word). Ah well, I'm fairly confident that I can get it all done!

I'll likely use part of my December "Me Time" knitting for the baby knits, but I don't have a problem with that :) Besides, the mom-to-be's favorite colour is the same as mine - green! So I should really be able to enjoy that knitting quite a bit :)

Hmm...Looks like I may fall slightly short of my 12 pair (socks) goal for '08...I hope not!

I'm back!

And well, I actually have been for about a week - but I've been too busy to post before now!

Other than moving, this is what I've been up to:

  1. Finished Mr.S' socks
  2. Started Miss J's socks (and finished one)
  3. Started another pair of socks
I like how Mr.S' socks turned out, and I'm really liking Miss J's (can you believe that's *not* a self striping yarn? Pretty cool if you ask me!), but I'm not sure how much I'm liking my new socks - especially since I ended up ripping the entire heel out by mistake (it was only supposed to be 2 rows of the heel turn, but the *entire heel flap* ended up biting the dust).

One thing I'm now noticing - I'm getting tired of socks! Don't get me wrong, I love knitting them - but it seems that all it's been lately is socks and washcloths! I need something else to shake things up a bit! Perhaps something in a worsted weight - maybe in lace weight... I'm not sure! All I know is that I need something new in the mix!

June Progress and July Goals

So, tomorrow is my last full day with internet until July 7th (because of the move), so I thought I'd go ahead and post now while I have a bit of time to relax before getting back to packing up the last little bits!

So, as a recap, my June goals were:

  1. Finish at least one of the Leyburn Socks
  2. Finish at least one of the Jaywalkers
  3. Start the Mystery Shawl
  4. Finish Mr.S' Caterpillar wash cloth

And I managed:

  1. No. Short-row heel kicked my butt. However, I did manage to find some mods on Ravelry that should solve that problem (with a non-short-row-heel). I'll work on these again when my head isn't spinning anymore.
  2. Yep! Then I had to rip out the kitchenered toes, and ended up pulling out half of the toe. I'll finish the toe on that one once I finish the second one (which I do happen to have OTN right now ;) )
  3. Yeah. I tried. I don't know that circular shawls are my thing. I'm going to wait to see some finished products before deciding to go back to it or not. I *did* start it though!
  4. Finito! It didn't turn out as clearly as I would hoped it would on the dark green, but I think Mr. S will love it all the same!

I also went and started another pair of socks, this time for Mr.S. Here is sock #1 (#2 is currently 1/4th of the way done - should be completely finished by the next time I get to post):

I also finished another plain 'ol washcloth this month (it can be seen here on Ravelry), and started a patterned one. Not bad progress this month I suppose.

Anyways, for July I would like to:
  1. Finish Mr.S' socks
  2. Start Miss J's socks
  3. Finish the Jaywalkers
  4. Conquer the heel on the Leyburns - hopefully finish the first sock and start on the second one.
  5. Knit MIL's Christmas gift
  6. Knit another 1-2 washcloths
And on the non-knitting (but maybe with some yarn thrown in) part, I should also:

  1. Track down the polybead thingers I need for 3 Christmas gift projects
  2. Track down fabric for 2 of the 3 projects mentioned above
  3. Buy yarn for my sister's Christmas gift
Well, that's all for now folks! See you after our move!

Crazy for Sock Yarn...

I've noticed lately, that all I've been buying is sock yarn (except for two purchases). Over May and June, I acquired enough to make 6 pairs of socks!

First, I had an order from The Yarn and Fiber Company (somewhat of a favorite, thanks to their free shipping - no min. purchase & includes Canada!):

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Caribou Creek


Dream in Color Smooshy in November Muse

Then I discovered the wonderfulness that is ThankEwe!:

Superwash Sock in Lollipop


Superwash Sock in Cherry Wood

And then, of course, are my Yarn Pirate shipments:

Merino/Tencel in Patina


June's Shipment, which has yet to arrive. I have, however, sneaked a peek at spoilers. From what I've seen, it's not really to my taste, but the base (BFL) is something that I've been anxious to try, so I may just knit it up anyways (likely a pair of plain stockinette socks - that or socks for the kids).

As for non-sock yarn, I bought some lovely lace weight from handpaintedyarn.com, which had been intended for Goddess Knits' Anniversary Shawl, but then I thought about the likelyhood of myself ever using a circular shawl, and changed my mind. Well, that's not really the entire reason! The new Knitty came out, and I fell in love with Seascape, and think that this gorgeous stuff was destined for it:

What do you think?

The things I've learned (so far) this month...

I honestly feel like I'm not getting *anything* done with knitting this month! I've been running into problems with my socks, which has had me ripping out far more work than usual, and it's starting to drive me a bit crazy!

Alas, I have learned some things:

  1. Do not attempt to kitchener when in a rush. The results will be fugly, and you will have to rip it out.
  2. Do not attempt to rip out above mentioned kitchener stitches during OR after consuming alcoholic beverages. It also, will not be pretty - in fact, you will likely end up ripping out more (i.e - half a toe or worse) than you would have had to if you just would have waited .
  3. Put down your knitting before you get so mad as to rip out half a sock (I, luckily, knew this one already, and did follow it, or I would have no more Leyburn socks)
  4. Sometimes - just sometimes, you might need to ask someone for help in learning/figuring out a technique (I think I need to do this, in regards to short-row heels. They don't like me.)
  5. Buying yarn when you're stressed really *does* help you feel better. But...
  6. Sometimes, just sometimes, buying yarn is somewhat stress inducing.
  7. Sometimes, the cure to everything, is knitting something for someone who is little, cute, and thinks you are the most awesome person ever.
  8. Magic Loop is awesome. I need more circs in sock sizes.

That's all for now...

Oi! Sorry this post it so late! So much has been going on around here - it's been crazy! First, Mr.S got really sick with a tummy bug, then DH caught something, then Miss J, then me. On top of that, there was the kids' birthday party, Miss J turned 4 (and had the worst of her sickness on her birthday - poor girl!), and to cap it all off - we're moving June 30th! Blah!

Anyways, let's recap what May's goals were:

  1. SockWars III!!!! Hopefully finish one pair!
  2. Finish Dad's socks before SockWars starts (9 days should be more than enough time - as long as I don't start procrastinating again!)
  3. Acquire yarn for Evangeline (Putting a "?" on this for now)
  4. 2-3 washcloths/soap socks
  5. Start a pair of socks for myself!
And let's see how I did:

  1. We're not going there. I don't feel like ranting.
  2. Didn't finish them by the goal, but...umm... I finished them yesterday! The absolute longest it has taken me to knit a pair of socks! I had to force myself to knit on them though - Lang Jawoll Cotton isn't really the softest stuff - rather scratchy actually. I just hope that they soften a bit with washing!
  3. No - I bought sock yarn instead :P (52 Pair Plunge II and all that...)
  4. Yes!
  5. I started 2 pairs! The Leyburns and the Jaywalkers.
With us moving, and the insanity of that (19 days left!!!! AHHHHHH!!!), I'm not sure exactly how much I'll manage to finish, but here's the list:

  1. Finish at least one of the Leyburn Socks
  2. Finish at least one of the Jaywalkers
  3. Start the Mystery Shawl
  4. Finish Mr.S' Caterpillar wash cloth

Wish me luck!

My little man...

Is now 1!



Happiest of happy days to you Little Mr.S!
Mommy loves you and wonders where the heck the time has gone...


I have no idea how I haven't posted about this yet, but last week (at least I think it was last week - my memory sucks lately), I received my first shipment of Yarn Pirate's Booty Club! This stuff is awesome - Just take a look!

I couldn't resist casting on - it was just too soft and gorgeous! After a bit of a consult with the ladies on the Resolutions for 2008 board on Ravelry, I decided to go with a pair of Jaywalkers, and I don't think I could have chosen a better pattern :) Here's the progress so far :

I love Love LOVE how they are turning out, and I'm glad I found a good opportunity to knit this pattern again. I love how it looks - just wish is was a bit more of a quicker knit!

Oh - In my last post, I had promised a photo of my Leyburn socks - here you go!

I still love how these are turning out, but I haven't managed to work on them much as I've been distracted by my other WIPs (particularly the Jaywalkers!). I'm hoping to get around to finishing these sometime in June! I do still have half of a sock to finish of my Dad's Birthday socks!! Ack! I'd better get knitting!

Trying something new...

As some of you know, I dropped out of Sock Wars. I'm not going to bash the organizer - I know she had a lot on her plate, but things could have been much better organized/written. I'll leave it at that.

As SWIII was supposed to be a bit of a challenge, I decided to try a new technique in my newest project - toe up socks! After exploring a few projects in my Ravelry queue, I finally decided on a pair of Leyburn socks.

Now, I have to admit, I'm not really fond of the toe-upness of it (I like the satisfaction of decreasing at the end of a project), but I'm definitely enjoying the stitch pattern. It's an 8 row pattern that's pretty easy to memorize while keeping things interesting. Another thing that makes me happy about this project is that it is *finally* using the Fleece Artist Sea Wool that I have previously been unable to find a project for (4 previously frogged projects!).

I'll edit some photos in as soon as I find my camera - that's all for now!

Sock Wars!

It starts today, and while I'm sitting here eagerly awaiting the arrival of my dossier, I thought I' make a quick post to present my weapons...

Look out target - they're coming to get you!

Procrastination and goals....

Yet again, I have managed to go about a month in between posts - sorry about that!

How did I do with my goals this month? Not spectacular, but progress has been made nonetheless!

  1. Wicked. Short story - it's not done, nor will it be until fall. Slightly longer story - I finished the body, and despite trying it on as I went, it's tight. The not-as-stretchy-as-it-should-be bind off definitely doesn't help matters, but it is what it is. I don't see this as a bad thing though! You see, I've lost nearly 5lbs this month, with much more planned to come off during the summer. So, come fall, I should have a well fitting sweater, I'll knit the arms (short sleeved), and it'll take approx. a day to finish. However, if that is not the case, I will rip back the ribbing, throw in a few more increases, knit the sleeves, and it shall fit. Either way, it works. Not like this is exactly the time of year for a wool sweater anyways!
  2. Dad's socks. Well, after 2 weekends of cancelled LYS trips, I finally bit the bullet and went on my own. This time, I decided to try a new store, just to see what their selection and staff were like, and it was a so-so experience. I got a good price (2 pairs worth of yarn for mens' sz 11 socks for just under $30 after taxes), but the atmosphere was kinda "blah". Anyways, I ended up starting these socks 2 weeks later than I would have liked to, so, they aren't done. However, I do have 2 sock legs, and have started the heel on one.
  3. 2-3 Washcloths - I managed to knit one washcloth, and one soap sock. Wow, look who actually attained one of her goals...
  4. Dublin Bay Socks - Nope
  5. Finish Black Fetchings - Yep - one of the kids has taken off with one though, and I've yet to find it!
  6. Foliage - No, I still don't have the proper needles for it, and I don't think I'll be getting them in May either - too much other stuff going on!
So, that concludes the April update - Now on to May!

  1. SockWars III!!!! Hopefully finish one pair!
  2. Finish Dad's socks before SockWars starts (9 days should be more than enough time - as long as I don't start procrastinating again!)
  3. Acquire yarn for Evangeline (Putting a "?" on this for now)
  4. 2-3 washcloths/soap socks
  5. Start a pair of socks for myself!
That's all for now!

April Goals

Alright, it's that time again!

First, here's a quick list of FO's for March:

  1. Mermaid mittens
  2. Blue Charity hat (aka Charity hat #3)
  3. Landscape washcloth
  4. Rosewood Washcloth
  5. Splish Splash Washcloth
Hmmm...Not as much as I might have liked to get done, but at least it's something! That brings us to a total of 13 FO's for 2008 (so far). Not too bad I guess....

Now, on to April...

  1. Finish Wicked (or knit until I'm out of yarn - bad feeling about this...)
  2. Aquire yarn for - and knit - Dad's Birthday Socks (considering Hareton, or perhaps a pair of Thuja to mix things up)
  3. 2-3 washcloths (and perhaps a soap sock)
  4. Maybe start a pair of Dublin Bay socks (out of the Sea Wool I just frogged)
  5. Finish Black Fetching
  6. Foliage (???)
I'm kinda "meh" on that list, so it may change. One thing is for sure though - I need to finish that sweater! I need to get that monkey off my back!

You may notice that the No-Purl Monkey socks are nowhere to be seen. I had a bad feeling about the fit, so I tried them on (half way through the leg), and I couldn't even get them up to my heel - forget about over it! So, they have been frogged. I think I need a break before going back to a monkey-esque pattern, hence the Dublin Bay socks on the above list. Oh well... At least I have my first Yarn Pirate shipment to look forward to!

Thinking about Christmas...

Yes, Spring is almost upon us (still not warm enough here for me to say that it's here), and I'm here thinking and planning Christmas! No, I'm not crazy, I'm just (attempting to be) organized!

Last year was my first Christmas as a knitter, and I think I planned out too much to do in a too-short period of time - I refuse to do that again this year!!!

Not including DH, J, S and myself, we have 18 people that we gift to. Yes, that's a ton of people, but that's **DOWN** from the 24 that we had on there last year!!! Last year, I started buying gifts in June. That, apparently, was a good idea. However, I did not think about the crafting aspect until mid to late August. That, of course, was not the greatest of ideas, as it did not factor in the potential for yarn emergencies, pattern problems, etc. (which, of course, I had).

This year will be different. In fact, it already is different! I had my mom's gift finished up in January, and my "rough draft" list done by February. Now, I'm starting to nail things down and into place so I can start purchasing supplies and get into gear. I will NOT be doing any gift knitting come December 1st.

So, here is the somewhat finalized Christmas '08 Gift Knitting List:

Miss J: Drive Thru Sweater (she may get this early - haven't decided for sure yet), a pair of socks, a blanket (although, I may end up making her a quilt instead - only time will tell) & some wash cloths

Mr.S: A sweater, a blanket & some wash cloths

My Dad: Socks (now a traditional gift)

MIL: Foliage hat, fingerless mitts & some wash cloths

Best Friend: 2 pairs of Fetching (one pair black, the other pair purple)

Sister: Evangeline

DH: a hat

DH's Gramma: Wash cloths and perhaps a knit bath puff

I have other crafts I do as well, so I'll list the other things I'll be making as well:

  • "I Spy" Bags x3 (2 nephews & Miss J)
  • Soaps (DH's Gramma & likely for one of his aunts as well who loves my soaps)
  • Crayon Rolls x4 (2 nephews, a cousin & Miss J)
  • Colouring Book Covers x3 (Nephews & a cousin)
That seems to be it for now - but it's definitely enough to keep me busy!!

In other news, I finished the Mermaid Mittens and they are AWESOME!! I LOVE them to bits!!!

Well, that's all for now! I'll be back with my April goals in the next few days!

What happens when I get my hands on a ball winder...

"Oh...I'll just wind one Ball".....

Turns into....

Yeah...that's not it either...I also tackled the "charity knitting box" too - no pics there though!

Oh - and for those of you who have been commenting lately - I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger and not replying! Things have been pretty crazy in the House of Apples lately (read: overly obnoxious pre-schooler behavioral issues + visit from the in-laws = me going cuckoo!). Seriously - I'm sorry! I love you all (especially for reading my rambles)!

Oh, and I hate to report this, but my March goals have flown right out the window! I blame the Mermaid! Mermaid Fleece Artist Nova Socks that is!

The stuff has been sitting in my stash since... November, I think, and it's been calling me every day since then!

Then, a few days ago (ok, more like a week ago), that little siren got to me...

(the yarn was originally intended for a pair of Pomatomus, but I think the same colour way, but in Sea Wool will do marvelously)

I've started the second mitten, but, as previously mentioned, things have been crazy around here, so I've not managed to get much time to work on them.

Just you wait, I'll finish them and not be able to wear them because it'll be too warm! You know what though? I wouldn't mind - I'm ready for spring!!!

March Goals

Welcome to March! As you may know, I like to set monthly goals for my knitting, so here they are!

  1. Finish Wicked (and actually take photos of it - I haven't yet!)
  2. CO for Odessa (I really need a hat!) & finish
  3. Find a hat pattern for DH & CO for it
  4. No-Purl Monkeys (Finally going to use that gorgeous Fleece Artist Sea Wool) or Endpaper Mitts (the pattern is back on-line - YAY!)
  5. Frog Jaywalkers & list yarn as for destash
  6. Acquire yarn for at least on pair of socks for my dad (3 pairs planned for this year - need to get cracking - 1 pair needed for May, another for June!)
  7. Pick up some SOAK (I'm anxious to try the stuff)
  8. Finally make it out to Wool 'n Things to spend the gift cert. I got for Christmas!
Oh, and I know this isn't knitting related, but I'm going to post it anyways!

My project for the 2008 Colour Craftalong on Craftster! I love it - it makes me think of spring!
(ETA: This is my project for March, which is green!)


Yay! Finished Monkeys! Less than a day without hand-knit socks to wear (I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend!)...

I seriously procrastinated with these socks. They should have been done WEEKS ago. Ah well, they're done now, and I love them! Hello pretty socks!

This means that my February goals have pretty much been completed (not as far along on Wicked as I'd like to be, but that's what happens when the cables break & it takes 2 weeks to get replacements in!), and I have now completed 4 of 12 pairs of socks for 2008.

Speaking of socks... The Jaywalkers...I have a bit of a dilemma with them. As much as I like how they're turning out, I'm nervous about them. Why? They're being knit of the same yarn type as the Birthday socks, and I don't know if I want to put all that time and effort into a gift to have them wear out so easily! I'm seriously considering just frogging them and destashing the yarn on Ravelry... I'm not so sure I want to take a risk on this yarn again...

Speaking of which, I'm seriously considering re-knitting the hole areas on the birthday socks - it looks like I should have enough yarn to do it.

I also seem to need to rip back J's rainbow socks a bit to add some length in. Go figure she would have a foot growth spurt now...

The death of socks...

My knitting soul is crying. Seriously. Less than 2 frigging months of wear, and look at what happens!

Oh, Birthday socks, How I loved you
So cozy and warm,
You fit just right
Not too loose, and not too tight...

I loved knitting with the Knit Picks Memories. I loved how it felt on my feet...

However, I did not enjoy how it pilled like there was no tomorrow, and I'm definitely NOT digging these holes! I've not even managed 2 full months of wear!!!!!!!! Scratch that, I don't even think it's been a month and a half....

Birthday socks, you will be well missed....

Have I lost my mind?

I just signed up for SockWarsIII.

Can I do it? I sure hope so!

WIP Reports...

Currently OTN:

Wicked: Stalled until new options cables arrive (one broke, the other is well on it's way to breaking) - Hopefully cables will be in by the weekend!

Monkeys: About to start the foot on sock 2 - somewhat suffering SSS on this one (that or I'm pining after Wicked too much)

Jaywalkers: Stalled on the heel of sock 1. Don't get me wrong - I love the pattern, but the needles (smallest I've used yet) are really killing my hands. Plus, I have forever to finish them!

Charity hats: #3 is cast on

Oh, wait! I never posted about charity hats, did I? I've decided that, in an attempt to rid my stash of those yarns that are nice and soft, yet I have no other purpose for (read: single or half balls of acrylic from when I was first starting to knit last year), I'm going to knit baby hats for the "Hats for Alex" campaign (you can read about that HERE )

It's a good cause, and a worthy way of getting rid of what you might not use (but aren't willing to throw away either!). If you have the time, I encourage you to check it out! My goal for this year will be the same as my sock goal - one a month, or 12 hats total (something that I think is an easily attainable goal).

2 hats down (Pastel green hat not pictured...still need a photo - oops!)....

10 more to go!

My knitting area and flashing my stash!

So, after reading a thread on the "Reclaiming the Home" group on Ravelry, I finally got around to taking a few photos of my knitting area and how I store my knitting stash. So, Without further ado, I present....

My knitting area!

This is such a pleasant place to sit and knit - especially on a sunny day like today! I have everything I need within my reach, and I have a good view of where the kids are too!

This tower is where all of my yarn lives.

On top, I have a basket for my WIPs

as well as a basket for my knitting books, patterns, stitch markers & etc.

My random balls of yarn and single skeins live in the top drawer,

Sock yarn in the middle drawer,

and sweater (quantities of) yarn in the bottom drawer.

Last but not least, my needles & finished projects (that still need attention for something, or need to be wrapped) live in the knitting basket beside the tower.
The chair beside the basket also doubles as a table to hold a drink, or a place for the Goofy Girl to sit and watch me knit.

So, that's my stash & knitting area. I like it, even if it is right smack dab in the middle of the chaos - it's still my own little spot!