I can't believe that I've gone so long without posting anything - sorry about that! While I've been away from blogging, I have managed to get a few projects done - mostly baby knitting it seems!

What I've knit (in no particular order):

1. Stash-busting Wascloths

2. Blanket for my newest nephew - Baby E (who is pictured, along with my handsome DH)

3. Soap Sock

4. Felted bowl (my first felting project)

5. Helena (from Knitty) for another Baby E (the second great-granddaughter on my DH's side) (This is actually complete - I just forgot to take a photo before sending it off. The new Mom has promised to take a photo for me when she gets a chance )

6. & 7. Daisy (from Knitty) with a matching Miss Dashwood hat (also from Knitty) for Baby K (new daughter of a family friend)

(photo with the buttons on)

8. Slipper Socks (Spa Socks from an old issue of Knit.1)

9. Lake of the Woods (while it was blocking - haven't managed to take any other photos of it yet)

I also have a few other projects on the go (mostly socks), but I don't have any photos of them - I'll post again when I do!