August FO's and other such things...

This "no real set goals" thing really seems to have worked this month!

What have I knit?

  • Matching socks for Miss J & Mr.S (2 pairs total)
  • Creamsicle socks
  • Finshed up the Bleue et Noir socks
  • "Autumn is Coming" anklet-ish socks
  • Evangeline
  • the teal Barbie dress
  • Finished one sock of my Whitewater Monkeys
And, I'll likely have another pair of socks done by Sunday. Oh - the coolest part of the pair I'm almost done? They're pair #12 for this year (and pair #7 of the 52 pair plunge II)! I will have actually finished one of my resolutions (to knit 12 pairs of socks this year)! I'm so excited about this - especially because it was starting to look like I might not make it for awhile! And here I am with plenty of time to spare!

I also came *thisclose* to finishing Mr.S' hat - in fact, I did finish it - but then discovered that I need to add 1-2" in length to it! I'll get back to that as soon as I finish the sock I'm on as there's no huge rush for it yet (need the socks for the chilly evenings/mornings, where the hat can't really be used yet).

Ok, so now it's time to move on to September...

I know that I didn't really set any *real* goals for August, and that really seemed to work well, but I feel that I need to get back to goals for September. Why? Have you looked at the calendar lately?! It's (almost) September, and I still have gift-knits that still need to be tended to!!!

So, for September, I'd ideally like to knit:
  1. Finish Miss J's sweater (I've started it, but I want to write a separate post about it)
  2. Finish my Whitewater Monkeys
  3. Finish Mr.S' hat
  4. DH's hat
  5. Miss J's hat
  6. My hat
  7. The second pair of Evangeline mitts
  8. Re-start Dad's socks
Doesn't seem too bad - now if only I can keep focused!


Apparently, it's not for me this month. Seriously. I've been ridiculously productive with my knitting so far this month.

In no particular order:

Barbie Dress #1 (of 3)

Big Sister & Little Brother Patina Socks

Bleue & Noir


Isn't that crazy? I don't know what's gotten into me, but my knitting speed has picked up drastically! Those 2 pairs of socks? 4 days total to knit *both* pairs! I'm amazed, and I have to credit Magic Loop and Knit Picks circulars - they seem to have cut my knitting time drastically (for producing FOs that is).Oh, and it's not pictured, but I also finished sock 1 of the Creamsicle socks.

The best part of this knitting productivity? All of the above pictured projects (with the exception of Bleue & Noir) are Christmas gifts! Yay!