April Goals

Alright, it's that time again!

First, here's a quick list of FO's for March:

  1. Mermaid mittens
  2. Blue Charity hat (aka Charity hat #3)
  3. Landscape washcloth
  4. Rosewood Washcloth
  5. Splish Splash Washcloth
Hmmm...Not as much as I might have liked to get done, but at least it's something! That brings us to a total of 13 FO's for 2008 (so far). Not too bad I guess....

Now, on to April...

  1. Finish Wicked (or knit until I'm out of yarn - bad feeling about this...)
  2. Aquire yarn for - and knit - Dad's Birthday Socks (considering Hareton, or perhaps a pair of Thuja to mix things up)
  3. 2-3 washcloths (and perhaps a soap sock)
  4. Maybe start a pair of Dublin Bay socks (out of the Sea Wool I just frogged)
  5. Finish Black Fetching
  6. Foliage (???)
I'm kinda "meh" on that list, so it may change. One thing is for sure though - I need to finish that sweater! I need to get that monkey off my back!

You may notice that the No-Purl Monkey socks are nowhere to be seen. I had a bad feeling about the fit, so I tried them on (half way through the leg), and I couldn't even get them up to my heel - forget about over it! So, they have been frogged. I think I need a break before going back to a monkey-esque pattern, hence the Dublin Bay socks on the above list. Oh well... At least I have my first Yarn Pirate shipment to look forward to!

Thinking about Christmas...

Yes, Spring is almost upon us (still not warm enough here for me to say that it's here), and I'm here thinking and planning Christmas! No, I'm not crazy, I'm just (attempting to be) organized!

Last year was my first Christmas as a knitter, and I think I planned out too much to do in a too-short period of time - I refuse to do that again this year!!!

Not including DH, J, S and myself, we have 18 people that we gift to. Yes, that's a ton of people, but that's **DOWN** from the 24 that we had on there last year!!! Last year, I started buying gifts in June. That, apparently, was a good idea. However, I did not think about the crafting aspect until mid to late August. That, of course, was not the greatest of ideas, as it did not factor in the potential for yarn emergencies, pattern problems, etc. (which, of course, I had).

This year will be different. In fact, it already is different! I had my mom's gift finished up in January, and my "rough draft" list done by February. Now, I'm starting to nail things down and into place so I can start purchasing supplies and get into gear. I will NOT be doing any gift knitting come December 1st.

So, here is the somewhat finalized Christmas '08 Gift Knitting List:

Miss J: Drive Thru Sweater (she may get this early - haven't decided for sure yet), a pair of socks, a blanket (although, I may end up making her a quilt instead - only time will tell) & some wash cloths

Mr.S: A sweater, a blanket & some wash cloths

My Dad: Socks (now a traditional gift)

MIL: Foliage hat, fingerless mitts & some wash cloths

Best Friend: 2 pairs of Fetching (one pair black, the other pair purple)

Sister: Evangeline

DH: a hat

DH's Gramma: Wash cloths and perhaps a knit bath puff

I have other crafts I do as well, so I'll list the other things I'll be making as well:

  • "I Spy" Bags x3 (2 nephews & Miss J)
  • Soaps (DH's Gramma & likely for one of his aunts as well who loves my soaps)
  • Crayon Rolls x4 (2 nephews, a cousin & Miss J)
  • Colouring Book Covers x3 (Nephews & a cousin)
That seems to be it for now - but it's definitely enough to keep me busy!!

In other news, I finished the Mermaid Mittens and they are AWESOME!! I LOVE them to bits!!!

Well, that's all for now! I'll be back with my April goals in the next few days!

What happens when I get my hands on a ball winder...

"Oh...I'll just wind one Ball".....

Turns into....

Yeah...that's not it either...I also tackled the "charity knitting box" too - no pics there though!

Oh - and for those of you who have been commenting lately - I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger and not replying! Things have been pretty crazy in the House of Apples lately (read: overly obnoxious pre-schooler behavioral issues + visit from the in-laws = me going cuckoo!). Seriously - I'm sorry! I love you all (especially for reading my rambles)!

Oh, and I hate to report this, but my March goals have flown right out the window! I blame the Mermaid! Mermaid Fleece Artist Nova Socks that is!

The stuff has been sitting in my stash since... November, I think, and it's been calling me every day since then!

Then, a few days ago (ok, more like a week ago), that little siren got to me...

(the yarn was originally intended for a pair of Pomatomus, but I think the same colour way, but in Sea Wool will do marvelously)

I've started the second mitten, but, as previously mentioned, things have been crazy around here, so I've not managed to get much time to work on them.

Just you wait, I'll finish them and not be able to wear them because it'll be too warm! You know what though? I wouldn't mind - I'm ready for spring!!!

March Goals

Welcome to March! As you may know, I like to set monthly goals for my knitting, so here they are!

  1. Finish Wicked (and actually take photos of it - I haven't yet!)
  2. CO for Odessa (I really need a hat!) & finish
  3. Find a hat pattern for DH & CO for it
  4. No-Purl Monkeys (Finally going to use that gorgeous Fleece Artist Sea Wool) or Endpaper Mitts (the pattern is back on-line - YAY!)
  5. Frog Jaywalkers & list yarn as for destash
  6. Acquire yarn for at least on pair of socks for my dad (3 pairs planned for this year - need to get cracking - 1 pair needed for May, another for June!)
  7. Pick up some SOAK (I'm anxious to try the stuff)
  8. Finally make it out to Wool 'n Things to spend the gift cert. I got for Christmas!
Oh, and I know this isn't knitting related, but I'm going to post it anyways!

My project for the 2008 Colour Craftalong on Craftster! I love it - it makes me think of spring!
(ETA: This is my project for March, which is green!)