Out The Window... and Christmas Crafting!

It's not the end of the month, but I can tell you that this month's goals are out the window!

Sure I finished Mr.S' socks, started a pair of socks for myself, and I did knit one sock of Miss J's pair - but that's about all that I'm likely to get done off that list.

The Jaywalkers, Leyburns, and Creamsicles are all on hold - the reason? I snapped back into reality and took a good look at what I intend to have done for Christmas gifts this year. It's a lot, and I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be at this point in the game - especially seeing as I want to be done by the end of November so I'm not stressing in December!

What I have done:

  • 4 washcloths (plus 3 others that ended up going of to other uses, so no longer count towards that total :/)
  • A pair of Fetchings

What's left to be done:
  • 3 (possibly 4) pairs of socks (knit)
  • 2 kid-sized, and one Cabbage Patch sized sweater(s) (knit)
  • 2 pairs of cabled fingerless mitts (knit)
  • A few Barbie Dresses (knit)
  • 4 hats (knit)
  • 2 tote bags (sewn)
  • 3 crayon rolls (sewn)
  • 3 “I Spy” bags (sewn)
  • At least one batch of melt pour soap (quick & easy!)
  • 2 quilts (sewn)
  • A robot toy (knit), and possibly one other knit toy (also knit)
  • 2 more washcloths
Oh, and we also have friends who are expecting their first baby in December, so I'd like to be able to knit something for them as well!

Oh, and those 4 hats? They aren't really gifts - just things to keep the 4 of our heads warm in the cold weather... But they'll definitely need to be done by November 30th!!

I have broken down the projects, sorting them into months - and it looks like it should be manageable. I hope I can manage it anyways!

Anyways, by the end of August, I hope to have completed:
  1. Dad's socks (Hareton)
  2. The 2 pair of fingerless mitts (Evangeline and Fetching)
  3. One of the 2 quilts (Miss J's)
  4. One or two knit Barbie dresses
And by the end of September:
  1. Miss J's sweater
  2. 3 of the 4 hats
  3. 2 washcloths
  4. Miss J's socks
  1. "I spy" bags
  2. Totes
  3. Crayon Rolls
  4. The remaining hat
  5. Mr.S' socks
  6. Mr.S' Quilt
And hopefully, for November:
  1. Soap
  2. Mr.S' sweater
  3. Knit robot & the other knit toy (if there's time)
  4. Cabbie sweater (this one may end up getting the Ax, depending on how everything else goes)
The sewing (except for Mr.S' quilt) and soapmaking, thankfully, won't take too much time, so I should have no problems getting those projects done - it's the knitting that has me slightly worried. Most of what I'm knitting this year is for the kids, so it'll be "stealth knitting", and most of it will have to be done when their in bed (especially Miss J's as she always asks me what I'm knitting, and if its for her!) - I think that's what's got me the most "concerned" (for lack of a better word). Ah well, I'm fairly confident that I can get it all done!

I'll likely use part of my December "Me Time" knitting for the baby knits, but I don't have a problem with that :) Besides, the mom-to-be's favorite colour is the same as mine - green! So I should really be able to enjoy that knitting quite a bit :)

Hmm...Looks like I may fall slightly short of my 12 pair (socks) goal for '08...I hope not!

I'm back!

And well, I actually have been for about a week - but I've been too busy to post before now!

Other than moving, this is what I've been up to:

  1. Finished Mr.S' socks
  2. Started Miss J's socks (and finished one)
  3. Started another pair of socks
I like how Mr.S' socks turned out, and I'm really liking Miss J's (can you believe that's *not* a self striping yarn? Pretty cool if you ask me!), but I'm not sure how much I'm liking my new socks - especially since I ended up ripping the entire heel out by mistake (it was only supposed to be 2 rows of the heel turn, but the *entire heel flap* ended up biting the dust).

One thing I'm now noticing - I'm getting tired of socks! Don't get me wrong, I love knitting them - but it seems that all it's been lately is socks and washcloths! I need something else to shake things up a bit! Perhaps something in a worsted weight - maybe in lace weight... I'm not sure! All I know is that I need something new in the mix!