Tuscany progress!

I am SOOOOOO happy with how quickly this is progressing!! When I looked at it again after the new needles came in, I was terrified that there was only a slim chance that I was going to get this done in time on top of all of my other projects - not so much anymore!

In this progress shot, I had just finished the 4th repeat - now I'm almost 1/2 way through the 5th :D

I'm really enjoying this pattern - but it's something that is difficult for me to work on during the day when it's just me to run after the kids! Having to put it down in the middle of a lace row is NOT a good thing! However, it is simple enough of a pattern that I can work on it at night while watching tv after the kids are in bed - which is definitely a wonderful thing!

I'm thinking that I'll definitely have this done within the next 2 weeks - which would be awesome! I'm hoping to have this and Sarah's blanket done before I get the yarn in for Gramma A's vest (which I can't even order before Oct.15th - boo!). That might be a bit of a stretch, but hopefully it's not too much of one!

Yay for Tuscany!

The needles came in last night (finally!!!), and I've resumed work on it. I'm now started on the 4th set of repeats, and for some reason, it feels like it's progressing faster than it was previously, which, trust me, is NOT a bad thing!

3 months left to finish this & Sarah's blanket, plus start and finish Dad's socks (hoping ot get 2 pairs done for him - but I doubt I'll manage to get both pairs done on time , RJ's socks, Gramma A's long vest, Aunt Tanya's scarf & a bunch of mittens!!

Yeah...I must be insane!

More progress (and some delays)

I've made a bit of progress, and had a few set-backs in the past few days - over all, I'm not too impressed...

First off, the Seaman's Cap

So, Sunday I finally cast on for Grandpa A's hat (meant to be part of his Christmas gift). I found that the K1, P2 ribbing was annoying, but stuck with it thinking that it'd be worth it in the end. Anyways, I got to about 40% done the hat before I decided to take a good look at it - only to discover that I made one small mistake in the ribbing in approximately the 3rd row from the beginning! Frak! No good! To try to avoid frogging the darned thing, I asked hubby and hubby's best fried if either of them happened to need a new winter hat. Go figure - no dice! I, personally, would rather not give something I've made that has an obvious (to me) error in it as a gift. So, alas, hat has been frogged :( I don't actually know if I'll actually start this hat again, or choose something (entirely) different....

Next, we have Toddler Mittens

Ok, so these were going along pretty good, but as I got to the thumb, I decided to try them on the kid to make sure they'd fit. Go figure, they were a tight squeeze to get that little bit over her hands! Arg! Time to find a CHILD sized mitten pattern! No fair! She's only 3!

Oh yes, and previous to these two disaster projects, was supposed to be my new Calorimetry

Of course, this project did not bode well either! I honestly don't know how, but something ended up wonky (most likely in my tote bag, as the needles didn't have point protectors on them, and the tote bag was just thrown under the stroller in a hurry), and this project has also been frogged :(

Honestly, I've taken these 3 new project disasters as a sign that I need to get Sarah's Blanket done, or at least work on it a bit. I've pretty much had it on hold since I finished the first panel, as it was a "bore me to tears" kind of knit. Honestly, I'd rather have to do 10 000 000 000 rows of stockinette stitch in the round than have to work on this, but it's gotta get done. I've made the investment (although a fairly tiny one) in the yarn (and what would I do with 3lbs of blue Bernat Chunky otherwise?!).

So, I've cast on for the second panel, and am nearly done the second repeat now. I'm hoping that I manage to stand working on it long enough to get at least half, if not 3/4 of this panel done today!

So, this concludes my knitting update. I heard you blanket - are you happy now?

Sock Delay

Bamboo DPN + 3yo + Pencil Sharpener = BAD outcome...

Can't even cast on for the second sock until I buy a new set of US8 DPNs before I can do anything with these socks :(


Also, because of lovely daughter ruining yet another needle, hubby has totally nixed me getting the new knitpicks harmony needles. Boo to that too! At the least, it sounds like I'm getting the nickel set!

Sarah's Blanket - Progress!!

Yay! The first panel is finally done!! I've had to change some things to make it work (Yeah, I know, I should always swatch...but meh, I'll learn eventually!)

So, now, each panel will have 9 cable repeats, and I'm guessing that there will be about 6-7 panels, if not more. Fun. Not.

Sarah's Blanket

Pattern: Lion Brand's Cable Comfort Throw
Yarn: Bernat Chunky
Colourway: True Denim (it's actually more of a medium blue)
Needles: US13 Bamboo
Made For: Sarah's Birthday/Christmas
Progress: 3 repeats past what is shown - on first panel of 5

Comments: This is such a boring knit. Seriously. It could put me to sleep - not going as fast as I'd like it to, but meh - what can I do? I'm learning from this that I absolutely do NOT enjoy knitting on huge needles....

AHHHHH!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah crap! Any progress on Tuscany has been brought to an absolute halt until my new circs get here :( I unfortunately have no choice in the matter, and I'm not in the least bit happy about it!

Yesterday, my daughter was, for some strange reason, standing on the couch while talking on the phone. I had been working on Tuscany before the phone rang, and had left it on the couch when I went to grab the phone. Anyways...At one point, she took a step, and all I heard was SNAP!

Yeah...Not good! One Brittany was totally snapped in half - and it was the one with all the work on it! I managed to save the work, but am left needle less until the circs get in :(

Spa Socks (a.k.a My First Socks!!)

Pattern: Spa Socks
Source: Knit.1 Spring '07
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas' Organic Cotton
Colourway: Natural
Needles: US8 Crystal Palace DPNs
Made For: Me!!
Progress: 50%! First sock is done (except for the button)!!!

Comments: Ok, so at first I was really intimidated by socks, but after knitting the first one, the fear is gone! Ok, so obviously, I made a few mistakes with it being my first sock ever, but I think I've learned from them, and that the second sock will turn out even better than the first! Yay socks!


Pattern Name: Tuscany
Source: No Sheep For You
Yarn: Elann Sonata
Colourway: Victorian Grape
Needles: US 6 Brittanys to start, switching to US6 Clover Takumi Circs as soon at they arrive
Being Made for: Mother-in-Law's Christmas Gift
Progress: Mid way through the 3rd set of pattern reps. (further than what the photo shows). I might be able to finish the current set of repeats before switching to the circs is mandatory.

Comments: So far, this is a pretty simple knit - one that I can usually manage to work on even when hubby isn't home to help with the kids. I'm pretty happy with the progress so far - the one semi-problem I have with it is that the YOs on one edge show up more than the ones on the other :/

Bloggity Blog

Ok, so I was over on Ravelry, and all of the links to people's blogs got me to thinking about how I never actually update my other blog, but how I'd love to keep track of my progress on my knitting projects with commentary and whatnot. Hence, greenapples knits is born..

Now, hopefully I'll actually keep this updated!