Holiday FOs and Progress Photos

Today I figured I'd blog about my progress on my Holiday Knit List - especially seeing as I didn't post any photos in my last post (and now I have a few). Lets start with the "in-progress" photos that I have so far:

First we have the 9 to 9 to 9 bag:

The main body of the bag has been knit and felted (photo shows pre-felting size), and I am waiting for the yarn for the flowers to come in (which should be any day now. I have the lining fabric (black with white pin-dots), and still have to find some handles (no luck finding any online that don't come to $20+ after shipping).

Then we have the Aestlight Shawl for Julia:

The main garter triangle is done, just have to pick up the stitches around the endge, knit the lace portion, then the edging. I don't think it'll take me too long - but I haven't had the concentration for it lately.

I do have progress on other projects, I just don't have photos yet - So, onto the finished projects!

First we have socks for my Dad:

These have been done for quite some time now, and I couldn't be happier! My Dad loves plainly knit, plainly coloured socks, which are a monotonous knit. He's a hard person to shop for though, and he loves these, so they're worth it in the end!

Next we have the finished ornament set for the Ottawa Knit Nights swap:

I had been considering adding a navy blue and a variegated blue/eggplant/coppery-brown ones, but I'm happy with this colour combo, and I'm not sure that it would look like a "set" with those 2 ornaments added. I may change my mind later, but I'm happy with how these 4 look together for now :)

That's all I have for photos for now - I'll post again when I have more. Happy knitting!