Holiday Knit List '09

We all know that there's a big holiday that's 5 months (and a bit) away, and I started freaking out last month because I had absolutely *nothing* done, and by June, I'm at least 30% way finished shopping/knitting through my list. I guess you could say that it really snuck up on me this year. So, I sat down and started making a list of people that my family will gift to, and choosing which ones I think are knit-worthy - which in the end, turns out to be not that many! I think I'm safe to post my Holiday Knit List, (minus one or two projects that will be for some people who may or may not read this). So, here it is (along with project statuses):

  1. My Dad (aka the man who lit the fire under my butt to knit socks): Plain ol' socks - Status: Done!
  2. My BFF: 9 to 9 to 9 felted bag (a Noni pattern) - Status: The main part of the bag is knit and felted, and liner fabric has been chosen from my fabric stash; Waiting for the yarn for the flowers to come in, and still need to find and buy handles.
  3. Julia: Aestlight Shawl (Status: Started) and a pair or two of socks (Status: Have yarn, waiting until fall to start so she doesn't outgrow them before she gets them - like last year!)
  4. Seth: Petit Poisson Blanket (Status: 20% done) and a pair or 2 of socks (Status: Same as Julia's socks)
  5. DH: Thuja socks (Status: ordered the yarn today) and possibly a scarf to go with the hat I knit him for last winter (Status: still contemplating!)
  6. Knit night ornament swap: 5 mini-sock ornaments (Status: 2 done, 3 to go)
So, not bad progress on the list now - most of the projects are at least started, and one is done! I'll post again with photos when I have a bit more done (and actually have photos to post!).

Bye for now, and happy knitting!