Can this craptastic day just PLEASE end already!?!?!! (Warning - Rants - yes, multiple!)

This. Day. Sucks. Seriously. So badly, it's given me a headache.

I started off the day at 5 am. This is not a normal "get up for the day" time, but occasionally is my son's "I'm frigging HUNGRY! FEED ME!" time. Today, I just couldn't get back to sleep. So, here I am, wide awake. Perfect time for knitting right? Turns out, not so much. My brain must not have been fully awake, because for some reason which is now escaping me, I decided that the foot of my dad's sock was too long. For some STUPID reason, I just pulled the needles out and started ripping back. This. Was. NOT. A. Good. Idea. Do you think I could manage to get the stitches back on the needles? No, of course not. So, I went and threaded in a lifeline a few rows back from the current rippage. THAT worked fine. However, discovering that I had ripped back over an inch more than I had needed to, not so fine! After this, I decided I was having a "brain is too stupid to cooperate with knitting" day, and dropped it.

After the kiddos were up for the day, fed and dressed (no disasters there, thank goodness), off to the store we went. As soon as I got 20 feet from the building, the wind hit us and I was EXTREMELY glad that Goober was in his snowsuit, and The Goof was wearing her winter jacket. I, however, was neither wearing a snowsuit nor a winter jacket. Just a fleece one, which the wind cut through like an icy cold knife. Not fun. Considering that I had managed to get both of the kids out of the door without any melt-downs or major difficulties (which, really, is a rarity - The Goof usually finds something to be "mad" about upon leaving the house). So, I just decided to go into "Suck it up, princess!" mode, and continued on.

Got to the mall which is practically across the street, went into the first store we needed to go into, to discover, while they ARE selling Christmas decorations, they, for some reason, are NOT currently selling the hooks which are required to HANG them (which, BTW, was one of my main reasons for leaving the house this morning). Ummm - where are their logic skills? Oh wait! That's right, the "Holiday" season is upon us! Oh, am I EVER glad that those things which require being bought are nearly all bought! Thank goodness I've massively planned ahead and nearly everything is done (well, except for the knitting, but I'm on it!). Anyways, lets get this train of thought back on track!

I got home to annoyance #4. Internet is out, modem lights are doing strange flashy things. Hmmm. Decide to give it awhile, figured out how to make hooks for decorations out of findings and jewelery wire. Finish helping The Goof decorate the big tree (it's after Thanksgiving here - so HA :P Goof was the one who wanted to do it this early, Hubby decided to let her go at it last night), and her little one for in her room (it's maybe 12"). Feed kids lunch. Internet is still down and modem is still doing very odd blinky sequence. Call hubby at work to ask his opinion. He also finds this strange - tells me to call ISP. I decided that I was too tired, and would rather try to take a nap while Goober is. Snuggle in on the couch with The Goof, and drift off, only to be woken 15 mins later by the phone. It's the ISP - an automated call. Internet is disabled for "security reasons", but won't talk to me as I'm not the "primary" on the account. Call hubby back at work. He decides to call them and deal with it right away (love you!). Turns out that someone must be hacking into our wireless network and has been port-scanning other computers in the ISP's network(hubby is taking care of this, thankfully). Connection is restored. Go check email.

Annoyance #5 strikes. I HAD sold The Goof's first snowsuit. Or so I thought. I've been waiting well over a week now for payment. Waiting for me in my inbox is a message from the "Buyer" stating that their husband found out how much they were "going" to be paying and threw a pissy fit and will be incredibly pissed if they go through with the sale. WON-DER-FRACKING-FUL! Seriously. I am pissed - I've had to pay over $12 out of my own pocket for this stupid listing so far, and it's looking like I'm up the river without a paddle. I mean, really, I'm LOSING money from this now. I'm NOT frigging impressed. Headache sets in. I'm exhausted. I want to go to bed please.

I sincerely apologize for this rant filled post - but I really needed to get this stuff out. Thanks to anyone who actually reads it all...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day....