Small update/Goals for the week!

I've been a bad blogger - but for good reason! I've actually been getting knitting done! I've managed to finish one of hubby's socks, and I'm currently 3/4ths of the way done the leg of my dad's second sock! Yay for sock/Christmas knitting progress! I've not managed to make much, if any, progress on Tuscany, but I should be getting into that after I've finished Dad's socks (he'll be getting an IOU for a second pair - no way I'll be getting another pair in for him before our Christmas exchange!).

As for goals for this week:

  1. I WILL get Dad's second sock done (plan to be into the heel, if not finished the heel, by the time I go to bed tonight) by Friday night!
  2. I WILL make some sort of progress on Tuscany
  3. I will try to cast on for Hubby's second sock.
  4. Set December goals/deadlines (will do this in another post)