Crisis averted!

I've mostly been trying to concentrate on finishing the first sock of the pair that I'm making my dad. If I stick to it and don't get distracted, I can manage to get a surprising amount done! When I picked up the sock on Friday, I only had 1/4th of the leg done - by the time I went to bed, I was half done the heel! I was quite impressed with that amount of progress!

Yesterday, my ADD-like attention span kicked in, and as you can see, not as much got done. However, after a comment hubby made, I nearly scrapped the whole project!

Now, I'll start off by saying, that while he DID grow up with a mom who knits, she was not a sock knitter. Also, this is technically my first pair of regular socks (if you don't count the one spa sock I finished), so he's not one who is familiar with hand-knit socks.

Anyways, I had been taking a break from knitting, and was playing Guitar Hero, when I notice Hubby keeps on looking at the sock. And by looking at it, I mean he was looking at it funny. So, I asked him what was wrong. His response? "It looks really weird".

WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! So, I asked him to clarify - and he said that the heel looked weird. Hmmm...Ok...

Now, I'll admit, I'm not overly happy how the coloured heel looks (I don't think there's enough blank there, but, oh well, I'm not ripping back a perfectly good heel!), but I didn't think it looked THAT strange. Then he clarified again. It was the angle the heel is at - it looks too sharp. Ummm...Ok?

So, I got him to try it on (which I had been intending on doing anyways - he's a size down from my dad, and the socks I am secretly making for Hubby are the same pattern), and, well, he LOVES them! Yay! Success on both parts. Now I know that if I make the same size for hubby (with a shorter foot), not only will they fit, he will love them! Yay!

Crisis averted!

Now, hopefully I will be motivated enough to finish that one sock today!