Hurray for better days!

Today has been SO much better!

The yarn for Hubby's Gramma's Tuscany came in today, and it's BETTER than I expected! So, of course, I was SO excited about it, I HAD to start it! I love it, I Love it, I LOVE IT!!!!

Now, I would have LOVED to be able to knit this with the recommended sea silk, but unfortunately, the budget just wouldn't allow for a $75-ish whim. BUT, finding the PERFECT shade (this is her absolute FAVORITE colour, in exactly the right shade!), for $60 less - I'll take that!!

In other news, I have FINALLY started the toe of that darned sock! Yay! Should hopefully be done by the end of the night (fingers crossed!). Once that sock is done, because I'm starting to feel the time crunch coming, I'm going to go ahead and start sock one of Hubby's sock. I'll keep that as my day-time knitting (lovely mindless knitting that it is), and work on Tuscany in the evenings while Hubby is home. Yeah, I think that should work!