December Deadlines

I know I'm a bit early, but I thought I would post about my December goals and deadlines!

Ok, so, the current Christmas Projects I have on the go right now are (in order of importance/deadline):

  1. Dad's Socks (these will be finished by December 1st)
  2. Hubby's socks (these MUST be finished by the evening of December 14th, or he'll be getting half of a pair of socks as he's on vacation and home every day from that point on)
  3. Gramma's Tuscany (MUST be finished by mid-day December 20th so I have enough time to block it. We leave the evening of the 21st for her house. She lives 6hrs away from me, so it absolutely must be a finished gift)
  4. Sarah's Blanket (Sadly, this is of the least priority on the list. I can see her whenever, and it has the least done of everyone else's gifts that live close by. If it were to be done by Christms, it would likely have to be done before the 14th, which is looking extremely unlikely at this point)
I may knit a toque for FIL on the car ride up north, but I also may be a little selfish and use that time to finish my birthday socks - we'll see - maybe I'll do both!

Projects for after the above list is done (maybe minus #4, as I don't really want to bring all that is needed for it on our trip):
  1. Finish birthday socks
  2. Finish my brown cabled hat
  3. Do some work on Wisp (will do this unless I get some stuff I can't resist for Christmas - which I'm hoping is the case - lol)
  4. Mittens for the Goof
That seems to be all! December hasn't even started yet, and it already feels like it's almost over! The knit crunch is on!

In other December/Christmas-y news - I only have 3 people left to cross off of my 26 person Christmas gifting list! Hurray!