Half of a FO

That's right! I finally finished that one sock!
I've also learned a new technique - kitchener stitch...

I'm just so glad to have this one sock done! I do have leftovers from this sock, so I know that there will be some from the other sock as well, which gave me an idea! Socks for Goober :) Perfect way to use up the leftovers so they don't end up kicking around in the yarn drawer for all eternity :)

After I finished the sock, I cast on for sock 1 of Hubby's sock. I've finished the cuff and am about an inch into the leg - hoping to get halfway done the leg today so I don't feel bad about not being able to work on it over the weekend.

Since I can't work on the sock, I'll use the majority of my weekend knitting time on the new Tuscany that I cast on for yesterday. Hopefully I'll manage to get a few repeats in this weekend!